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Tips, Service, Warranty


Try your new electric vehicle in a safe place outside the traffic, so you can adjust and familiarize yourself fully with the functions and controls of your vehicle before regular driving. Please observe the traffic rules for your safety and the safety of other traffic participants. Do not rent your vehicle to people who do not have the skills to drive it, nor to children of inadequate age. Avoid driving in the rain or snow.

After purchasing an electric vehicle, Please carefully read the user manual, because it is only by using it correctly that you can enjoy the driving of your electric vehicle comfortably and safely and draw out the maximum that can deliver it.

Batteries, Chargers & Chargers:

When charging, be sure to remove the key from the lock of your vehicle. Always first plug the charger cable into the vehicle and then into the power supply. When you pull the cable out of battery or power, do not pull on the cable, but grasp the plug. Damaged cable or charger must be replaced with a new one. When you have finished charging, be sure to pull out the charger cable first from the power supply and then from the battery. Do not leave the charger cable plugged into the power supply when the battery is not charged, a charger failure may occur.

Before the first ride, please first charge the battery for 8-10 hours. The charging indicator light may also indicate that the batteries have been charged before, but you must first charge the first 8 to 10 hours. This is important because this allows for the further exploitation of the battery in an optimal way. We recommend that you update your battery every day. Do not wait for the battery to completely discharge. This will shorten the life of the battery. If you leave the vehicle for a long time, be sure to charge the batteries. Even if the vehicle is not used, refill the batteries every 3 months to maintain optimum battery performance (recommended once a month for best results). The estimated life span of the battery is 3-5 years or 400-800 charge cycles.

Important informations:

– Throughout the time, the capacity of the batteries is decreasing
– Extremely high or extremely low temperatures do not match the battery of your vehicle. These conditions affect the capacity and efficiency of battery charging
– Charge your battery at room temperature


Do not:
– throwing the battery in the fire, there may be an explosion
– to use a battery from your vehicle for other purposes or for other devices
– use a charger that is not genuine to charge your battery
– open, disassemble, or modify the battery and / or charger
– to charge your charger with another vehicle model of the same or different manufacturera

– Electric vehicles are extremely startling and can surprise you at the moment and endanger your safety or cause damage to the situation, so we recommend that you add the gas slowly and gradually.
– Maintain the hygiene of your vehicle by wiping it with a slightly moist cloth and mild detergent. Avoid using pressure washer and dust extraction compressor!
– The pressure in the tires should be 2.5 - 3.0 bar.

Warranty and Terms:

– On the vehicle for 2 years
– Battery for 1 year

The warranty period relates solely to the factory default of the components in the material and functionality within a given time period with the original seller account. On all other components that have the character of consumable parts, the guarantee can not be given. The faults caused by the driver's negligence, ignoring instructions, improper maintenance, driving for commercial purposes, races will not be appreciated. The inflated or cracked batteries are NOT subject to warranty. This condition of the batteries is caused by overload and improper use and is not the result of poor manufacturing.

The service is provided in and out of the warranty period.